waterfall_stripCounselling can have a very positive effect on your life. When we have problems it may seem hard to know what to do or to be hopeful things can change. These problems may be to do with families and relationships, stress, communication and anger, psychosomatic disorders or work related.

Therapy provides a safe space to explore and understand the problem, and find ways to change. All of us, through family history and individual experiences, see life through a personal ‘viewfinder’. The way we think and feel, even the way our bodies hold and communicate tension, can hinder our ability to move forward in life.

Changing the way we think and feel, even our physical posture, can lead to deep and long term improvements in our quality of life. We can begin to recognise the destructive ways of thinking, watch out for the unhelpful ‘roles’ that influenced our behaviour, and move into a more secure future.

‘Understanding why I was depressed was really important .. learning how to change has made me so much more confident.’


‘My self esteem is now high, the anxiety, the panic are just bad memories.’


‘Looking back I can see how my family had ‘needed’ me to hold the pain they couldn’t address.’


‘After six sessions I had learnt how to challenge my negative thoughts. Deciding to do further work on myself was the best decision I’ve ever made.’


‘People said I was different, more confident and outgoing – I feel more hopeful. I don’t get so worried or feel so tense wondering what others think of me..’


‘I have a new sense of well-being in my life .. more confident, self-assured, at peace .. I have naturally come to trust my intuition and judgement a lot more .. to confront my belief that I am not good enough ..’


Quotes used with permission of clients